Litter picking for Spalding

During the Pandemic one of our Spalding Lions, Lion Eileen Robson met Robert on her daily exercise of walking round the Park. Robert told her that he was collecting the rubbish which was strewn around to try to make it tidier.  Every day he was there with his bag and gloves (supervised by his Mum). He told Lion Eileen it was soon his Birthday and he really wanted and hoped he would get a litter picker.  Lion Eileen was so impressed by his determination to clean the Park she suggested that Spalding Lions gave him his own litter picker for all his hard work in the Community. Robert was so pleased to receive this from Lion Eileen from Spalding Lions.

Well done Robert. Thank you for all your hard work picking up litter.

Help our charity when you shop

When you shop at Amazon you can now help Spalding Lions raise charitable funds.

All you have to do is go to the Smile Amazon web page at

It is the same as the normal Amazon page but when you buy from this Amazon make a 0.5% donation to our charitable funds.

Log in with your normal amazon password, when you first go on and it asks for who you want to support.

Please type Spalding Lions then select Spalding Lions Club charitable trust fund.

If you have the Amazon web page saved in favorites please consider changing it to the Amazon Smile page linked above so you can keep helping Spalding Lions.

Thank you for your support.