One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative

One Shot, One Life: Lions Measles Initiative

This January, members of the Lions Quest and Sight First advisory committees came together to discuss new Lions projects for these programs.

The cornerstone of Lions’ service is saving sight, and there are some exciting new Sight First projects that will be implemented in the coming year. Lions and the African Institute of Tropical Ophthalmology in Mali will train ophthalmic surgeons and nurses, as well as assistant optometrists, over the course of five years. In India, diabetic retinopathy will be treated through an infrastructure development grant that enables the Lions Eye Hospital, Nidadavole, to provide diagnostic and treatment services.

In addition to these life-changing SightFirst grants, Lions Quest grants were awarded. In Virginia, USA, Lions achieved great success with a community partnership grant in 2012, implementing Lions Quest in local schools. Through a new grant, Lions will expand the program’s social and emotional learning methods to new school districts. Students in 22 elementary schools in that region are already learning positive life skills through trained school counselor-taught Lions Quest classes. Now even more children will have the chance to do so, thanks to Lions’ outreach and efforts.

Lions also support youth through measles-related activities. World Immunization Week in April presents an opportunity for projects that raise awareness of measles and the importance of vaccinations. You can learn more about this event below.

There are so many projects of all sizes being completed around the world through Lions and LCIF. As a Foundation, we have supported more than 11,000 grants worldwide since 1968! I encourage you to keep up the good work. In our global community, we have the power to make a difference, no matter the size of the project.


Wayne A. Madden
Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation

Philippines disaster relief campaign

Your help is still needed to provide vital help for the Philippines disaster relief

Thank you to each and every Lion and Lioness Club that has provided much needed funds to the Disaster Appeals for the Philippines.

Clubs have sent funds direct to LCIF will enable Lions to provide long term rebuilding and support, and those that have supported the Lifesaver Water Filtration units (jerry cans), are providing immediate relief to hundreds of families.

So far we have donated the second largest amount of monies from a Lions MD and we are just over half way to reaching our aim of 1000 Water Filtration Units.

But with so many families losing everything, it would be amazing if we could have your on going support to reach this goal. Each unit costs £190 and can deliver 15,000 litres of drinkable water from “foul” water. Visit: for more information.

With 560 Water Filtration Units already dispatched, PIP Lion Wayne Madden has been liaising with both the Mayor of Tacloban and the Philippines Chair of Council for District 301 to distribute Water Filtration Units alongside blue Lions tents donated from Sweden, providing two basic human essentials: clean water and shelter.

Hundreds of Lions are on the ground helping to distribute food, shelter and other essential supplies. I would like to emphasise that distribution has been arduous, due to the need for safety of our fellow Lions, coupled with the logistics of distributing to approximately 2,000 inhabited islands.

Santa and his helpers getting ready for next year

Santa and his helpers are now busy packing away the sleigh and making all those presents ready for next year.

We would like to say a big thank you to all those who came out to see Santa on his Sleigh. We hope the children had a wonderful experience talking to Santa and enjoying the sight of the sleigh coming down their road. We would also like to thank those families who baked us mince pies and served mulled wine during our evenings out, it was a welcome refreshment and very much appreciated. Also not forgetting the people who visited us at Morrison’s Supermarket and in the town centre with the Thursford Organ playing, we hope it brightened up your shopping trip.

Your generosity has been over whelming again this year, especially at this difficult time with the economic situation and the expense of Christmas, be assured that all the monies collected will go to good causes, a big portion will be in the local community.

Once again thank you all very much.

Wishing you all a prosperous new year

Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines Disaster

Lions Clubs provide life saving relief in Philippines

Spalding Lions is providing life saving relief for local communities affected by the disaster caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Lions Clubs throughout the British Isles and Ireland have pledged £200,000 to send 1,000 Lifesaver water filtration systems providing up to 20 million litres of sterile water for drinking and medical use.

The local donations support the US $500,000  (over £310,000) pledged immediately by Lions Clubs within Southeast Asia and other global fund-raising activities.  This money will deliver vital on the ground relief through volunteer members of Lions Clubs in the Phillippines working closely with government officials and other agencies.  Lions Clubs in the area, including four in Cebu and one in the disaster epicentre of Tacloban, were already helping those affected by last month’s major earthquake in nearby Bohol, when the latest crisis occurred.

“Lions Clubs provide a global network that is able to give immediate practical and financial support when such disasters strike,” explains president of Spalding Lions Club, Elaine Mothers.  “Though our Lions Clubs International Foundation we maintain a disaster fund enabling the organisation to respond immediately with one hundred per cent of donations going direct to local relief efforts co-ordinated by Lions operating in affected communities.

“In addition, local fund-raising in Spalding area is going to provide the most basic of human needs, clean drinking water. Typhoon Haiyan has been called the worst storm to make landfall in recorded history, and its devastation is hard to imagine. As Lions, we not only help our local communities throughout the year, but are able to respond when relief is required in any local community.”

Lifesaver water filtration system
Each LifeSaver water filtration system can produce up to 20,000 litres of sterile water, making potentially contaminated sources safe to drink or use for medical purposes.  For more information see:

Lions Clubs International has 1.35 million members in over 200 countries, making it the largest service club organisation in the world.It has 17,000 active members belonging to 900 Lions Clubs located throughout Great Britain and Ireland.  Each Club supports a range of projects in its local community, including health and youth initiatives.

In the last ten years, Lions Clubs International Foundation has over US £100 million for disaster relief programmes helping local communities impacted by natural disasters.  Financial and practical help was provided for those affected by the Oklahoma City tornado in May 2013, as well as Superstorm Sandy in 2012.  More than US $21 million was mobilised following the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in 2011.  Lions Clubs relief efforts are on-going in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake helping families move into new homes and improve healthcare.

Lions Clubs undertake hundreds of fund-raising activities in cities, towns and villages, with 100% of monies raised going direct to good causes.

In Europe alone Lions Clubs members volunteer almost 6 million hours of service, and raise £88 million annually to support the needs of local communities.

Santa Sleigh Dates

Santa and his helpers  are now busy packing his sleigh with all those presents ready for this year.

He has planned to be visiting the following areas to stop off and have a chat with the children during December. Please come out to see him and his helpers.

Look out for us coming down your road! ho’ho’ho

Thursday 5th – Donnington
Friday 6th – Quadring
Monday 9th – Donington
Tuesday 10th – Gosberton
Wednesday 11th – Gosberton/Main Road/Surfleet
Friday 13th – Pinchbeck South
Saturday Spalding town center with the Thursford Organ  10.00am onwards
Monday 16th – Pinchbeck North
Tuesday 17th – West Pinchbeck
Thursday 19th – Pinchbeck/Surfleet/Station Rd.
Friday 20th  Morrisons Store all day

Start time is usually 6.00pm till 8.00pm

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

Our sight programs have changed the lives of millions

There may be many, but each person who has had their sight restored or improved has a story to tell a story of living with frustration, fear or helplessness, then having that unexpected moment of seeing the world through their own eyes, and going on to embrace a new life with vision.

Being able to help people in this way is unforgettable, and is often the result of a simple operation or gift of eyeglasses. At an average of just US$6 to restore someone’s sight, giving a man back his independence, enabling a child see the chalkboard at school or allowing a grandmother to see her grandchild for the first time, is priceless. Read a few of their sight stories here.

Seeing Life More Clearly

Sight for Kids
Fourth-grader Handapangodage escaped unnecessary blindness with screening and treatment through the Sight for Kids program.

No Longer Turned Away

Childhood Blindness Project
Carlos in Ecuador can see for the first time with treatment at a Lions pediatric eye care center.

Freedom to be a Kid

Lions Eye Care Centers
Young Khun Pichudom in Cambodia can read, learn and play better with his new glasses.

Seeing Means the Sky is the Limit

Noor Dubai Partnership
Five-year-old Pandah in Mali dreams of being a pilot after receiving cataract surgery.

LCIF Disaster Relief

LCIF’s commitment to disaster relief goes back to our beginnings, when we awarded our very first grant for flood relief in South Dakota, USA. Whenever and wherever disasters strike, Lions are often among the first to offer aid and LCIF is right there with them, ready to support their efforts with funding assistance through Lions disaster relief programs.

Working together, LCIF, local Lions and Lions leaders assess the urgent needs and quickly deliver the aid most required by victims. This grassroots model has proven effective in tragedies around the world, such as the Southeast Asia tsunami, September 11th and the Haiti earthquake. Lions know that disaster can affect anyone’s community, whether it’s halfway around the world or right at home. That’s why in the last 10 years, LCIF has provided more than US$100 million for disaster relief programs worldwide.

Thanks to the support Lions provide to LCIF on an ongoing basis, Emergency Grants are available to provide for basic immediate needs including food, water, clothing and medicine. We have learned from experience that when a disaster victim receives aid quickly, it provides strength needed to survive the shock and loss and even a little hope for the future. To date, more than 3,000 emergency grants have been awarded.

After immediate needs are met, victims of disasters are not forgotten. LCIF remains committed to the important rebuilding of homes and lives that must happen, often long after a disaster occurs. Through Major Catastrophe Grants, LCIF helps with long-term reconstruction projects to help victims begin to return to their lives and regain their independence.

Oklahoma, USA Disaster

LCI and LCIF Respond to Oklahoma,
USA Disaster

Severe Weather


We are very saddened by the tragic tornado disaster in Moore, Oklahoma. Rest assured, the Lions are doing their part with the recovery efforts and will be there as members of the community for the long-term rebuilding efforts.

There are several thousand Lions in eastern Oklahoma, and the Lions of the world will be there to support them in this time of great need.

Right now, we are sending a Major Catastrophe Grant of US$100,000 from LCIF’s disaster relief fund. This grant will support Lions in affected areas to immediately begin providing aid to those in need, such as food, water, clothing and medical supplies.

We are also providing emergency grants to assist with other destructive storms that have impacted parts of the USA in recent days.

The community of Moore, and all the Lions Club members in the area, need our support today to help their neighbors.

You can help by contributing to the disaster relief fund of Lions Clubs International Foundation. Donations to this fund are Melvin Jones Fellowship eligible and help Lions.

We will keep you updated as needs are more fully known, now and for as long as it takes.


Wayne A. Madden, International President
Wing-Kun Tam, Chairperson, LCIF

Santa’s Sleigh Routes

Christmas Sleigh Routes 2013


Santa and his helpers  are now busy packing his sleigh with all those presents ready for this year. He has planned to be visiting the following areas to stop off and have a chat with the children during December.  please come out and see him and his helpers.

Look out for us coming down your road! ho’ho’ho
Thursday 5th – Donnington
Friday 6th – Quadring
Monday 9th – Donington
Tuesday 10th – Gosberton
Wednesday 11th – Gosberton/ Main Rd /Surfleet
Friday 13th – Pinchbeck South

Saturday Spalding town centre with the Thursford Organ

Monday 16th – Pinchbeck North

Tuesday 17th – West Pinchbeck
Thursday 19th – Pinchbeck/Surfleet/Station Rd.

Friday 20th  Morrisons Store

Stat time is usually 6.00pm till 8.00pm

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Pediatric Cataract Initiative Continues to Save Children’s Sight

Ten-year-old Ruma Roy had been living with pediatric cataract for several years.

In school, Ruma struggled due to her poor eye sight. With her eye condition worsening, Ruma’s parents took her to the Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital in West Bengal, India, where her sight was improved through new equipment provided by a capacity building grant from the Pediatric Cataract Initiative (PCI). The PCI is a collaboration between Bausch + Lomb and LCIF which supports innovative methods for overcoming visual impairments caused by pediatric cataracts and other pediatric eye disease.

Through the PCI, the Siliguri Greater Lions Eye Hospital received a grant of US$150,000 to help children like Ruma. The hospital is creating an early detection and treatment program for pediatric cataract and children’s eye health, training ophthalmologists and providing pediatric eye health education to local communities. In addition, 130,000 children will have their vision screened and 200 children will receive sight-restoring cataract surgery, long-term follow-up care and a brighter future.