Thinking of joining Lions?

Lions Clubs International founded close to 100 years ago is arguably the world’s largest community service organisation.

We are non-political; we have no cultural or religious boundaries, and there is no gender discrimination, we welcome without distinction men and women. In fact to join us all we require is that you are willing and you wish to foster and serve your local community. Of course, if you wish to add an outlet to your social life and improve your circle of friends, this is also available.

The aim of any Lion Club (world wide) is to promote and benefit the less fortunate in our own localities. In addition to this we do provide International aid if required. The money for these projects is funded from all over the world but is always distributed by local Lions Clubs in the Countries concerned.

Every penny we collect is spent on community projects.  We fund all administration through our subscriptions. We have 21 members who all live in the Spalding area and come from all walks of life. For more information contact Richard Briers 01775 724666

The Spalding Lions Club meets at the Constutuional Club Broard Street, Spalding on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7:45 for 8:00 Visiting Lions and Guests are most welcome.

If you are considering joining us or need to more information about lions, please ring the number above or fill in the form on the contacts page and we will be in touch.