News - Philippines disaster relief campaign

Your help is still needed to provide vital help for the Philippines disaster relief

Thank you to each and every Lion and Lioness Club that has provided much needed funds to the Disaster Appeals for the Philippines.

Clubs have sent funds direct to LCIF will enable Lions to provide long term rebuilding and support, and those that have supported the Lifesaver Water Filtration units (jerry cans), are providing immediate relief to hundreds of families.

So far we have donated the second largest amount of monies from a Lions MD and we are just over half way to reaching our aim of 1000 Water Filtration Units.

But with so many families losing everything, it would be amazing if we could have your on going support to reach this goal. Each unit costs £190 and can deliver 15,000 litres of drinkable water from “foul” water. Visit: for more information.

With 560 Water Filtration Units already dispatched, PIP Lion Wayne Madden has been liaising with both the Mayor of Tacloban and the Philippines Chair of Council for District 301 to distribute Water Filtration Units alongside blue Lions tents donated from Sweden, providing two basic human essentials: clean water and shelter.

Hundreds of Lions are on the ground helping to distribute food, shelter and other essential supplies. I would like to emphasise that distribution has been arduous, due to the need for safety of our fellow Lions, coupled with the logistics of distributing to approximately 2,000 inhabited islands.